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The blog lives again, it goes on !

Due to time constraints the blog has been on hold for some time now. Now, after some back and forth, I decided to bring it back to life. Since the feedback to the former Tech-Blog was very good and I was asked about it in some forums, I’m now starting the next round. In this way I will continue to share my knowledge and expand my community work even further. At the moment I’m still thinking about the possibility of having the blog in English in the future, as this will simply increase the reach.

The content will consist of some new and old topics that accompany me daily. Topics like virtual apps, virtual desktops and data center have always interested me. These topics will take up a large part of the content. However, there will be some new content, including DevOps or data center automation and data center orchestration. Also some cloud services will be there, because I see an infinite potential in terms of technical possibilities. Currently topics like Citrix, vmware, Nutanix, Azure and Microsoft will probably have the upper hand, but I am always open for new things and I think the first blog entries will show that. In between I will post one or the other topic from my digital life, after all I am not only sitting in the office ūüėČ

Look forward to it, I can guarantee you that there will be some really cool and interesting content!

Put your IT to the next level

I think the tagline fits very well. You should always raise your standards, otherwise you can’t really surpass yourself.

I find the following quote quite appropriate:

If the bar is lower and lower - to the delight of the short-legged - you shouldn't be surprised if we can't make any more big jumps. - Karl Werner Dickhöfer

Cut off old braids

Because the old blog entries were partly outdated and I would have had to revise them again, I decided to rebuild the page and also deleted the old content completely. Since my professional focus has also shifted in the meantime, I think the decision was absolutely right.

The blog lives again, but in a new design and new environment.

After finally my domain has become free – which I am entitled to since birth ūüėÄ could move the page. I have decided to forward the old page. Logo and banner were also newly created. Here I can recommend the page There you can get such things for little money from enthusiastic designers and graphic artists.

All right, enough talk. Let yourself be inspired, leave comments and if there are topics that interest you or you need support, please contact us via the contact form.

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