Citrix Gateway – SmartAccess “light” without Universal Licenses

Citrix Gateway – SmartAccess “light”? Do you have a requirement in your environment that users are allowed to internally copy or paste data to and from the Citrix environment? So access to the clipboard, client drives, USB drives and more is allowed? Within your own environment this makes sense. But how does it look like if the users should also access the environment from external devices? Here it would be better if not everything is allowed 😉 In this article you will see, how to setup the policies in your Citrix environment and on the Citrix Gateway. The szenario looks …

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Citrix ADC as RDP Proxy

This article was already published as part of the Citrix CTA 2020 Program on the Citrix User Group Community Website. You will find here a step-by-step guide how you can configure Citrix ADC as RDP Proxy. A simple and very effective way is to give users access via a Citrix ADC that acts as a remote desktop proxy. Such a configuration can be set up within a few hours and offers comprehensive protection and easy administration. If you want go straight forward to the cli command section, just click here. Requirements As a prerequisite in my case, I only used …

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Citrix ADC (Citrix Netscaler) as ADFS Proxy

You want to use online services like Office 365, Citrix Sharefile and others? But you don’t want to manage or create users twice? Don’t passwords have to be different for each platform? Then you can authenticate via your own Active Directory from anywhere. In this case you can set up an Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) Server Farm in your environment. If you want not to read the article, here is the direct link to the cli commands This article is part of a series of articles depending on Citrix ADC and Authentication. Here you can find the other Posts. …

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Citrix ADC / Netscaler Azure MFA Authentication

In this article I would like to show you how to set up MFA Authentication on your Citrix ADC / Netscaler Azure. This article is part of the series about the different authentication methods you can use on your Citrix ADC / Netscaler. Azure MFA? How does it work? With Azure MFA you have the option to use an additional second factor as authentication method in addition to the standard authentication (user name + password). This allows you to increase access to data in the Micrsosoft Azure Services and Microsoft Office 365. Azure MFA therefore uses at least two of …

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Citrix Netscaler ADC und Gateway

Netscaler/ADC Native One Time Passwords – Baseconfig

Citrix ADC / Netscaler Native OTP Since I am, as already known, quite busy with the topic Citrix Netscaler and I am always dealing with all possible authentication methods related to it in my projects, I would like to start writing down my knowledge about it here. I think I will make a blog series out of it. Today I want to start with the basic configuration and some general information about Netscaler Native OTP. I think this topic is especially interesting if you have no other OTP integrations in your environment or you want to start with OTP or …

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