Citrix ADC (Netscaler) – Backup and Restore – Get Save in backup handling

You have a Citrix ADC or Citrix Gateway (formerly Netscaler) and want to backup the configuration of the machine? This is usually relatively easy. All you have to do is call up the configuration website.

Backup Citrix ADC Appliance

You start this with https://NetscalerIP . Log in with username and password.

Now navigate to the menu item “System” under the tab “Configuration” and select “Backup and Restore”. There you can create a backup by clicking on “Backup/Import”.

Sicherung Netscaler ADC und Gateway erstellen

Here you only have to enter the name of the backup and which backup you want to create.

With a click on “Backup” you can create your backup.

The different backup levels

“Basic” Backup

Here only the configuration files and some files that change frequently are backed up.
An overview of the files can be found here

“Full” Backup

Here, in addition to the basic backup, the SSL certificates, licenses and Fips in the configuration area are backed up. Furthermore the following contents:

Directory: /var/
Sub-Directory or Files: netscaler/ssl/, wi/java_home/jre/lib/security/cacerts/, wi/java_home/lib/security/cacerts/*

Download des Backups

Once you have created the desired backup, you can easily download it from your browser by clicking on “Select Action” and “Download”.

Download Backup von Netscaler

Problem downloading backup via WebGUI in Netscaler ADC and Netscaler Gateway version 12.1. 50.28

If you have a Netscaler ADC or Netscaler Gateway with version 12.1. 50.28, the following problem occurs when downloading the file. The file cannot be found.

Netscaler Backup - file not found

I would recommend to update to a version where the bug does not exist. The current version can be found here:

However, there is a workaround for this problem, with which you can still get to your backup. I prefer to use this web, because I am not a big fan of WebGUIs and prefer to rely on the direct feedback of a shell 🙂

You can use WinSCP ( to connect directly to the Netscaler via the SSH port and download the backups. This is how it works. First you download and install WinSCP. When you start WinSCP you will be asked for a connection, you can save it for later. It is also useful if you have multiple machines.

Winscp Verbindung

Once you have established the connection, you can download the files from the following path:


Here you can find all backups created on this Netscaler.

Netscaler Backups

Restore Citrix ADC (Netscaler) Appliance

You can restore the backup via the CLI or via the WebGUI.

Restore Citrix ADC via CLI

#Show all existing backups on the Netscaler
 show system backup

If the backup is not available, you can copy it with WinSCP into the folder /var/ns_sys_backup/.

Now it goes to the restore.

#Restore Backup / SkipBackup can be used, otherwise a backup is created in advance by default

restore system backup  [-skipBackup]

#Example from my appliance
restore system backup backupdatei.tgz

#after restore, a reboot is required


Restore Citrix ADC via WebGUI

If your backup is not on the machine, you can load it onto the Netsacaler via “Import” under “Backup/Import”.

Import Netscaler Backup

If the backup is on the machine, it can be selected under “Backup/Restore” and a restore can be performed.

Restore Netscaler Backup

All you have to do is select the backup you want to restore and right-click or select “Restore” under Action.

After that you only have to select “Restore” in the following window. The restart will then be executed afterwards.

Restore Config Backup

Check it out and try it yourself. Feel free to test it on your own and give me a feedback how it works for you. Also check out my other posts about Citrix ADC. Have fun. Feel free to share my site or post on social media. You can also follow me on Twitter @thomaspreischl

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